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1) Mettez les adjectifs entre parent! 1 Is the actress Jane Fonda (famous), her father? 2. Bob has put on weight, hasn't he? He 100KS (fil).......:nnmnenne last time I saw him 3. Sally is our best friend. She's (sincere). any other one. 4, [think driving on the motorway is (dangerous), driving on a road because people drive (fast) 5. The flat we used to live in was (noisy) this one. 6. Do you think the weather is (bad). 7. Let's go this way: itis (shor)... . a oe 8. In Australia, July is (cold), December. 9. Was the last Harry Potter book (good) the previous one? 2) Complétez chaque phrase A l'aide de 'adjectif qui convient : mettez-le au comparatif de sup: d'égalité ou d'infériorité, patient — old —— high — quiet — long — tall — nice ~ expensive — thrilling. . in Scotland than in Ireland? I This. -t0 travel by train than by plane, 2. Andy isa litte. s brother, yet he is him. 3. The statue of Liberty in Paris is. the one in New York. 4. [ really didn't like "Flyingman II"! It was... the first episode. 5. Queen Victoria's reign (1837-1901) was. her son's, Edward VII (1901-1910). 6. Your sister is. a mouse! Is she always so shy? 7. When I'm in trouble, I prefer talking to my grand-mother: she's, my mum. 8. Ldon't know which sweater I prefer: the blue one is the green one. 3) Complétez chaque phrase A l'aide du double comparatif (idée de progression), Exemple : Winter is coming. It is getting (cold) ... — It is getting colder and colder. 1. Athletes are really making progress: they can run (fas?) and jump (high) 2. Ecologists are pessimistic: the planet is getting (warm), and the air (polluted) 3. We have (money). sooninnninnnsnnnsens EET dont find a job soon, it's going to be very difficult to cope with this situation 4, Petrol is (expensive), because of the oil crisis, 5. Young adults are (interested)... o in polities. Isn't it a shame? 6. 1'm proud of you! Your results are getting (g00d).... 7. As time goes by, I find it (difficult), to wake up early in the morning! 8, Being a teacher today requires (energy). 9. (pupils) chose to study German as a second language at school. It's a pity! 10. As far as AIDS is concerned, the situation is getting (bad). in Africa 4) Complitez chaque phrase l'aide de 'adjectif qui convient, Metter cet adjectif au super! difficult — good — high — long — populated ~ frightening. 1. Mount Everest is. summit in the world. 2. Whatis.. o Im you've ever watched? 3. Bill Gates is. man in the world, 4, What is, river in the world? 5. The Atacama desert in northern Chile i8...00nnnnrnnnnnnnnnnses place on earth, 6. Do you think Manchester United is football team in England? 7. China is. country in the world. 8. What was. exercise in this page? 5) Complétez le texte en mettant les adjectifs entre parenthéses au comparatif ou au superlatif. We have three grand-children. (old), is a boy called Adrian, He's 14, He's very good at school. He gets (g00d).....ssssssessnesseeesesneees MAIKS, his brother, Tim (12). But Tim is (hard- working) and I think he'll end up by being (good) as Adrian, and maybe (good). who knows?! (young). is a girl: Paula. She's only 7 but she's (/alkative). her two. brothers! In fact, she's (talkative) in the family! She'll probably be a lawyer later! Anyway, we love all three of them, They are (nice). (aflectionate) and (well-behaved), in the world! But of course, WEE NOL (OOM) orn judges, are we?