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‘Sexual Healing Positions Chapter IV Sexual Healing Positions Healing positions use the distinct reflexology areas of the penis and vagina. Each Sexual Healing Position puts pressure on different parts of the sexual organs, relative to which part of the body needs to be healed. In stimulating certain areas of the penis or vagina, related organs are stimulated and rejuvenated, and the orgasmic energy is guided up to the specific organs. These ancient techniques have been tested and proven over milenia. Eight Sexual Healing Positions for Men With these particular healing positions, the man does the work and the woman is the facilitator for healing. While the man gets specific healing benefits, the woman also gains. Al positions are helpful for problems with women's sexual organs because they simulate the production of sexual hormones and help correct menstrual difficulties. In these positions the male should draw out intercourse for as long asitis comfortable. He should prevent ejaculation by using the anal contractions of the ring muscles using the Anal Contractions of the Testicle and Ovarian Breathing Exercises. (Taoist intercourse using ejaculatory control as explained in this book tremendously heightens the benefits of these exercises.) Fig. 4.1 Position 1 — Assists in sex~elated problems, such as impotence, premature ejaculation and aiffculty in achieving orgasm, ‘The woman reciines on her side with her hips bent so that her pelvis faces upward. ‘The man is above and enters her with his penis. This improves all sex-related problems including impotence. It may take some time to gain self-confidence. At first, just insert <4T-