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December Is80 Statanant of Purses arch topic is he civil society in oan to deal with the problems of civil university, T wrete my thasis on thet issua and now I am a membor of a teem researching the civil eocistizs in Sest-Central-curepe. From the hacinning of the 19R0¢ the chances in the Kunosrien soci- ety arz often evaluated by py iticel scientists as a kind of rebirth of the civil snciety, For some years the concret of stats versus ci- vil society has seemed to be one of the keywords in tha fiale litical science and political life, In a stranae way this concent hee been used mants and the political scientists es well but nobody has succeded in specifying what this category masns. Nespite the differences betrean Polish and Huncsrian wave of deve= loonant ths Huncarian movemante utilised the theory of "no evolutioniem" nize tions can be ragarded as a modernized version of “new evolutionism" 2‘justed to s hich decree, Moreover, the procran cf some of the nevi ors to the Hungerian circumetances. We cen sez the partition of the state on the one hand and the society on the other hand. The control over so= ciety hes boen chenging, This course of events seems to he continued during the next decades. It is poss st-Central~ of the main bls, that we must fece a kind of ropean transition from dictatorship to damocraev. One ments of this transition cen ba the rabirth of civil so- eioty, T think, thet in the whole Sest-Central-curons there is @ pro- ss of alteration of the state: ociaty relstionship which has enacial eteristic sicns in each country, To snend soma month in Oxford would be varv fruitful in order to survey this very important problan of zest-central- roo2 fren an oth or aspect asteCantrel-Zurene the concent of civil sociaty hae become well-known on th» hasis of Hecel and tarx. Tam interasted in ths conse erence of the oroblen in the Gnslish liberel tredation / Leek T 2a curious to kno ous analyt thie mathodolew 7 Mi suitehla to deserabs tha processes regien and ere 4 batueen the aure theo leve Ho} “TG Ve Orbén dre H-=CO0 Sz0lnnk eat some walle known lectursers As far es T know, T could Pelezvne- in Oxford who are very important for m3 /9.c.2rH ki, Pez/. students who spent their Finally, T hav2 worked with sone about the favou scholershin in Oxford, and told ma a loz le working conditions there. vite, Oban Viktor Crbén