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aegaghar 12: H=5o00 yr Vesansay; Sanosition vows In the first part of this studv we summarized the mein direction of the opposition activity in Polend before the birth of Solidarity and we overlooked the strategy and tactics of Soliderity till the sum= mer of los , In the second!/part we analysed the crisis situation daveloped in the summer of SL, and we described the rise of the self-menegement movement, ‘le analysed the conflicts between the self-management nove~ ment and Solidarity, and bete een both of them and the connmytet ru- lino elite, The conflicts culminated in the 2utumn="inter of 1907, We surveyed the function, the plece, and the orogram of the self- management moverent in order to verify, that the elternetive drefte by the supnorters of the self-management idea mes the main resson to impose the state of war. To understand the conflicts we traced the disorganazition within Solidarity, The central problem wes the alternative oronosal of the sel f-mans gment movement 28 well, Thare were soma distincuishabls ally led tn ideas and directions within tha Solidarity shich crack conflict vith one another. ronard it as tha decadsive clement idaas tayaloned ‘wv the ranent novament “ars seine ted by cha nejority of the Calivardty nenhars. arity con 43 ranardad as 9 avrhol of "NO" sadd bu the candecs ho wav of wdolsdne newer Sv the cosmut he preative unde ef che engg ace se sre at 4 fepeten'ing an nee af the anlfelinitetton, thie tun clement, noutralieod she inner divdeson rity, waa eaddt inte he thane on. eananin fatintsepation cat desman ont laanar perchtat Ath cha peedertnes of che ruline oldt2 fo onw theraush eheneos. Using the cetenories of "authority" /in the sense of rule/ ond "a0- wer" /:4thout the rule/ worked out by T.H.pdc! "9 can deserab the conflict as the contfrontation bet ilt uo his ovn suthority and the traditional sol ineticurions which had “only paw sr". For the nover that lost ite Lecitémas: chy apo: ance of # new authority meant an ultinete chellanoe, The core of the conflict between the state and self=nanscemant supporters was the hegemony over running of the economy. Th2 control over the produgtion was at the stake, Anart from the arned forces all the traditional institutions of control over society “e ralysed, In this situation who rules the ficld of srotuction is able to control the governing of the shole society, Solidarsty ene much mare en 2 nares trede union. T+ than 9 nolitical party cr 2 national liberation mov ant, There is no covernment thot would have remained in nawer with such an oo~ Position outsise the Parliament ss tho Soliderity wee.,.,,.excent the communist rul ng elite. Lites Oreo Viktor Orbén