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Bas Jan Ader In Search of the Miraculous syoog T[e101FV Jan Verwoert the o-cean|wave, A homeon the the deck I |stand Of_ |my own swift Q:-- 2 o| Bas Jan Ader disappeared at sea in 1975 while attempting to sail from ¢ the east coast of the United States to Europe as part of a project titled In Search ofthe Miraculous. ‘The cireumstances of his disappearance have led many interpreters to identify ‘Ader with the role of the tragic romantic hero. This identification hhas obscured the fact that Ader’s art was a critical investigation of precisely those romantic motives his persona has now come to be associated with. In this book, Jan Verwoert highlights the specific ways in which Ader’s | eycle of works explores those motives with an artistic approach that is as conceptual and analytic as it is poetic and existential. ISBN. 17846638-002-2 Mh AR Othe ites in the One Work series Ilya Kabakov: ‘The Man Who Flew into Space from his Apartment by Boris Groys Hollis Frampton: (nostalgia) by Rachel Moore An Afterall Book eee “4 MIT 5 h Bas Jan Ader In Search of the Miraculous Jan Verwoert