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TECNISUN made in France inthe heart of the French Rhone-Alpes ‘area TECNISUN has developed.a major technical and industrial expertise in the thermal solar energy field in France and in Europe. In association with our patented high technologies, our colectos produce \\ WWW ‘a wide part of any hot water requirements NY nN for sanitary uses and house heating. \ TECNISUN solar collectors are designed to be used under any climates, even the ‘oldest and the least sunny. They produce ‘2 massive quantity of solar heat and allow a very fast energy storage. Using the Tecnisun technology is the best way to get a quality, a reliability and an exceptional design for your comfort. ay Our target : satisfaction Jur TECNISUN solar solutions are certified to bring you a maximum satisfaction during the whole life cycle of your solar panel, These products ‘must be producing as long and as much as a classic heating Installation, We are controling the quality of all the equipments that we produce. Thanks to our industrial partnerships, we certify a waranty of 10 years on our solar panels. Using TECNISUN solar panels is a choice of performance that leads you towards more energetic autonomy, provide you a real comfort, protect our environment and contribute to the economic development of our regions. Our assets : French manufacturing Vacuum tube solar collectors Excellent thermal performances Adapted technology to any climate Installation cost are reduced 10 years warranty Energy our future, use it! Warm up your house and your fresh water with the sun cold _ our solar process — Tecnisun solar panels are made with a double Blass tubes containing a high vacuum level. m3 XX heat exhanget These borosilicate glass tubes get a high a resistance against shocks. Each glass tube > ‘contains 2 bluish selective layer which absorbs the solar rays. The heat produced by the selective layer can not go throught the vacuum heatpipe Ne layer and is transfered to the higher art of the Ji ‘collector by using a speedy heatpipe and an Y9"\"" ‘aluminum profile. the heat migrates tothe collector profile vide outside lass tube reatipe internal glass tube + selective layer Individual domestic hot water systems - and Bevan Combined solar heating < systems te enough, the regulator starts the circulation that transfers the heat through the lower coll in the fresh water tak, During the periods of west, solar energy absorbed by the vacuum tubes the takes over from the solar callecto} rd br ngs the complenent of energy through the upper coil Currently, 4m? of solar collector TECNISUN working with a 200 liters fresh water tank are sufficient -¢ provide from 89 to 701 af the fresh hot water for a family of 4 persons. TECNISUN, 4 eve téon Sestier 38000 Grenable Mail -contact@teenisun.com - Site : wwwtecsisun com Tél 04 76.90 32 57. Fax :02 76 60.33 68

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