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Le total en dolar es enntrbution et subventionsautorciec pour le 1800 aan par province et trite, evee une lite des projets fnanets te a prouecr amount appRoven| lbarrisH COLUBBIA 37,380,507.) [r-conic Challenge 80,000.00 [thédtre blingue de marionneties de plonniers Fancophones de fa CB. s 29,730.00 [canada 1S0- Growing From our Root, ’Alnikh Tséllh (Wiking Together) s 96,000.00 [Dislenfranchisernent: 3907-1947 The Forty Yer Struggle 5 71,736.00 [Corving 9 Connection in Cowichan - A Commemorative Totem for Canada's 180m] § 94,250.00] (Gonada Ten a ance = Tenn) (canada 150- Cuitural Mosaic $276,000.00 Ricrond Canada 150, 3 80,000.09) [strengthening our Relations: Vancouver Celebrates Canada’s 150th ‘S__3313,000.00 [he Journey: Celebrating 350 Years 101,060.09 canada Fest 150 Vear Celebration” $ 45,600.00 Loca Fst Nations History Murals § 38,650.00, Revelstoke Inter Generational Communi Theatre Prose 5 75,000.00 [sc Disabilty Pride Celebration and Parade '$___128.95000 150 Random Acts of Canadian Kindness '$____153,07000 [Construction 'uncanot a'écorce danse cadre du 1s0éme du Canada $ 45,000.00) [exploring Our Nature 8 2,700.00 [North Okanagan ResoectFest $202,000.00 [UNINTERRUPTED $337,000.00 ska Highway Punk An Project 40,800.00) ‘The Gulliver Project: Immigration and Fest Contact $200,000.00 [art and Nature Festival on Sal Spring island $ 22,400.00) [ceeviotingStewosip, Greeting Stewerdsip Capea = 33,720.9] [vivay: Our Furies. Our Storie, 3 96,700.00) [ener Reconciationiicatve = 30,000.09) [The Kanata Project 3815837 0, [we are Canadians, Tool Ts 87,500.00 [canads 150: Cap sure Paihave ‘$296,000.00 [surey Celebrates Conada 150/ surrey Core Canad 150 'S_195,00009 Honoring Our Past Celebrating Our Future ‘$130,000.00 [canada 150th Birthday Concert- Enhancement with Addition af Youth Chas $ #000 0 [Rea white Festival FEET Tambaseacurs du trodes Colombia. Srtancique: clldbrerla chews suede | § 182,500.00) Intra rviconnament Cana 250 ["reuma, Memory, end the Story of Canada = 507900.09) [Gitga’at and West Vancouver Youth. Wuel of Merging Vokes 3 43,300.00 (ung sores 3 Suu) [song ugme s 31,380.00) [Our tiving History, an LGBTEG™ Tntergeneratonal Win sores S88 500109 [word Drum anc Oance Festve Conada150 3 54,000.00) [clean Canada’s Waterways $672,561.00 [YUKON $__3,133,000.00 sa0a Le total en dlrs des contributions et subventon autorises pour le 150e anniversaire de a CORRE ar province et tercitoire, avec une lite des projets tnances lpnovece [AMOUNT APPROVED lores ofthe Yaron, = 00000 Fredtonal watercran of caraaa’s on aman a, [Paragr et cHl6orer le mode de vie ukonnais é 38,000 00) Pan erreworal Celebration = 00,0000 Reconciliation in Action: A National Engogernert Suategy §__1,800,000.00) [a.peRTa $__4,943,142.00 HMAUMAINATION 350 festival '§__1,775,000.0] \colgary Snakes and Ladders $336,350.09 Les courses du Fving Corot Volant Races s 28,000.00) Legacy Park Bronae Statue Acres of Dreams $105,000.09 [A History of Rado in Alberta & Canada ‘i 3.900: [ll ages Calebrating Canada in art 5 ,ror.0] [celebrating Canad 150. individual oles, One Nation $300,000.00 iGenode 350 €3igory Guideor Urbon Adverturn-Colabrating he RotanMatiamny | $ —— 104,000.0) Greenway [The Next 150; Youth inpived by Canada's Past 0 Set the Future im Sdence 3100705009 [canada 150 Eabe Forest Garden. $23,000.00 {woodlnds School Conada 150 Massie Mure Frojec © 6,000.09] [canadins of Chinese Heritage Celbrating Canada 150th Anniversary ‘$70,000.00 [saint Laurent & Lethbridge: 50 Ans D'amitié- Years of Friendship Caneda 150 $ 79,000.06) St Abert Celebrating Communi z aae0.4| [Ordinary People.traordinaty Stories § 737,500.00] [Eemonton Living Rooms $160,000.00 whats vour Story North-Central Calgary? 3 33,500.00) [celebrating Canadi's Strong indigenous Culture 3 28,000.00 ie brands pas In Grose Téte ot viens 31a Fétel 5 38,600.00) Is0 Veors- Canada Vestarday, Today, Tomorrow s 724,000.00 [splrngTleconcliaton: A bigha Public pace for ndganows Saree s 25 000.0 eye ofthe Lens Canade- digit story § 35,000.00) [the many Faces of canade $27,478.00 [capital Boulevard Legacy PUBIC Art reject carada 350 300,009 [a Proud, Strong & Diverse Canada: Progressing together From Past wo Future $ 135,000.00 (Canad 150 Voyageurs Rendenvous 3 srapo0n [SASKATCHEWAN S_ BAT 085.00, inal Humboldt and Corads 150 S 25,000.00] [pécouvrons nos communautés avec fe 1508 du Caneda $106,550.00 Mating Twat 4 s 3,110.0) Kplng Ditritwitvical Socety Fonus ange s 3,000.0) [Genaian ndigonoue Monument 728.280.0) [omnes Creating Weleoming nd incusve Communties $242,100.00 [pik Wolk- Commemorative and cltral interpretation project 'S_ 498,000.00] rar oso Canave 150 = ‘san no] Fw Far ana Wide $260,000.00 Le totaen dots des contributions et subverts eutorisées pour le 250€annversice de a CEAARARR e2” a province etertoe, avec une iste Ces projets anc — [amount aPproveo| Golbrting the presence of people of Aan Anges in Saskatoewan 49 500.00] Future Thiners Speaker Gerce © 20780] [vier Our Pthe Cross: Sgroture Publi An Commiason ‘$750,000 00 [meat in te Pook The Siry of Wate = €0000.00 earning Reconcistion Joint WOFN SPS Canada 50 Education Project $__160,00.00 [anode 150- with Open Ass 5 30,0000] Iesience an Respect; Canada 150 and Bavond $400,000] Le canada, cest mall $5400 60 MANITOBA 3005, 200.00 carags Gomes Fetal § ——1.500,00000 loniay- Ak: A Changing ofthe Ear $200,000] 150 Canada Anniversary or Beausejour& Brevenhead and Nort Easiman Region |S 25,000.0] i 3 600.0) [canada 150 Mossic 3 6,000.00 stor Mura ofthe Cranbery Poray= 312,000.00, [ansds 150 Movement; Growing the Canada We Wani/Moraating the Voke, Ss 68,95000) [Cunwersité de Sairt-Sonfaceoflbre 150 ans Qo et de dvershe = __s50 p00] [Winnipeg major contemoorery Aboriginal public artwork. $_300,000.0] [Grand assomburnent des Mts a retrowvale des chemises rouge $36,850.00 LA GRANDE TRAVERSE S__429,000 09 [ae Eres S__300,000200 NORTHWEST TERRITORIES $583,500.00 Rivers of Reoneiaton, Vovayes de Verte 320 m00.00 Race the Peel 2017, 3 ss.0000 [nw Celebrates Canada 150 $34,000.00 INunavur $919.25. 00 una wun Celebrates Canada's 150th Anniver 350,000.00 [canada $2 in nalit 5 281.225 00 Woies trom Nunavut ‘S__788.000.09 loNTanO. Faas 65.00 [A Touch of love ond Tapes Celebration of Conadss ZEDTH Anveaary of Ss 18,930.0] confection (elerate Canada 150 7a) [conoo Leaning Code Week $186,000.00 [celebrating our tara nertoge $ 3,000.0] [ing conacs Together, Where Pines ond Waples Grow 5 7,325.00 2017 international Plowing Match and Rural Epo $_49,000.0] FRagawong Art and Heritage Trak 3 Was.55800 [Northern Songs A Festal of Canadian Music $25,000] iKvosaue Conads 150, $42,300) Moronto/Canade: 150 Years /150Stores 217,000.00 [aldimand 180te Waldimand Crunty Connaeane $__68.500.00 [cy of Brampton’ Canada 350 Celebration $105,000 09 aaee Le totaten dots ces contrtutions et subventions avtorsées pour le 250e anniversire de le Govdedestin sn ar province et tert, avec une liste des projets Financ leecicer [AMOUNT APPROVED) [canade 150 Celebravionain the Gy of Burington = 75,500.50) gag for Change. WK RewonatiethnJovrey 2 63,600.60) Ihaswanjflsng: Festival Canadlan Owen Sound 3 25,000.00 [Roy drown Perk sugrase = 39,000.00) [Moving Gallery s 43,500.00 [riance Together ‘3 498,000,00] Ue pale blingue! fe asa igual! 'S_ 300,000.00] ast of sia Festival's Canaca's Cuural WOsBe Program” 3 40,000. Fst Nations Stone Hearth Monument ‘S$ _332,500.00] (conads 150 Collection '$__444,300,00) Hallay of Heroes and Celebrate Kids) 's___ 85,000.00 [The Parkdale Canada 180 Song Project / Chansons Tia 350, 3 49,000.09] Discovering the Dominion of Canada - 1867 trough re-enactment and rade sls | $ 176,300.00] Riverside Celebrate 1501 3 30700079] [our ores: A Celebration of New Canadians 3 25,000.09] [The Great Canaan Flag Project $380,000.00 [Dragons Calbrating Ganado 360 © 9.200 0) [wetlands Restoration and Edveoton $ 50,000.09] [celebrate Canaca 250 at Project: Under Gardiner $175,009 Eases Nest Project -An Algonauin Sto § 67,300.90) [cana 350 Gelatin = Aurora Sve 5 20,000.09) [Celebrating 160 Years of Supple, Sve ana Perseverance Together 5 29,500.09) [The Block by Bloc Project 'S___00,00009 ISmiensFals Legacy Project 15 30009 lente raitons et moderit: Rapprochernentcuturel avec les communautés des | § 30,000.00 [eemites Nations, Métis einuits [canada 150- Celebration of Nations /Calbration des nations S___187/00000 fe inetating he Two Baw Warnpum = Bacurganee of Canarian Varah = 19n.99n.9 Ineconiation [From Far and wide, © Canada —A coloration of Gonads Sovauicentennal ‘3 ___300,06059 [vee Youth Vices at ar Mouse: Stones and Reflections of Discover (ata “Siow | & 722,380.00) stam" Project) innovation 150 3 asso Innovation 150 ‘5 625,000.00 Innevation 150 3 4.133,000.00, [THE WALRUS TALKS CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CANADA, WE DESINEA GETTER S 7oZ00.00 icountay Passport 2017 /Passepor 2017: Discover Your Canada/Decawrer valve Canada 3478842050) fapanot at 353,918.00 [rhe Sronte Heritage Trail and Canada 150" mobile Exhibit 3 50,000.00) invictus Games Toronto 2057 ‘52,500,000. [otwe 2647 % 000,000.00 por provi eter avec une iste des projetstnances {total en dlrs der conivtions ct subventons avtorises pour le 4506 asivessr de a ECHR, lnocr amount aprroven| |Community Fund for Canada's 50th 3 trpoapon [Ohi Canada 150; From Coast Cate = 24,636.09 [education for Truth and Reeoncilaction 3 97,015.00 [Tes tat Bind” Caneas Lake Superior Ralway Bnuto Taw Spike Interne # 50,600.09) Dysart Sesquicentennial 3 70,000.06) Reveating Urban Indgeneity in Ontario S___375,00009 [voRal (Vaughan Canada 180 Celebration Program) 3 70,250.09] [The Canada Birhcay Mission $ 39,134.00] [canada 150/Cramahe 225: Celebrating Our Country and Our Community $ 50,000.09] [ree to our Nature - Conade 150 Leay Program $775,000.00 e-storying Conada: Aevnsidering Reon and PB memory A IUAT 5 34390.00 [carboro to Scarborough: A Histone Outlook '$___100,000.09] [creat ar for Great Lakes 150th Celebration [ONTARIO Z50 Tour Aytim of the Nation $250,000.09 ken Dryden's We Are Canada Future Shapers $300,000.00, [unity n Diversity: Fusion of Communities in Canada s 73,727.00) [Welcome to Our People, Our Culture. Our Canada: Calabraing Canaan team | ¢ €a0,000.0) [ave The Right 3 35,000.00) Lourney of Hope tos Welcoring Land Art Mural 3 23,000 .9) [atest ard West Vancower Youth: Moral of Merging Vices é 23,708.09] [conada-Bangladesh 150 Celebration s 50,000.09] New Conacians celebrating Canada's golden past oday fora belter tomorow $ 72,500.09] Port Colborne reritage Gays Celebration ~ my Canada Waters, Recogning Canada | 7,500.00) 150 sesquicencennit [wort Simcoe Canada 150 Mural project $ Sie Weiland and Pelham -A Communtys GARE af Heritage s a.0nn [indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada ‘S__7084,000 [au coeur dv 1506 du Canada, les arts ets cotre, dun oclanB autre 3 29,968.09) [youth and Community Pantin inthe Rouge Watershee Celebrate Canads7i5Gh | F 29,950.09] bithday |vouth celebrating Canada’s SEO through Force of Nace and Belonging z Baza [golorer es ehamos 350,000.00) unity THROUGH SPORT: THE CANADA GAMES ACTNITY CHALLENGE & 50TH 3_iR00,000.00 lanniveRsaRy FLAG RELAY [swan DANCE CANADA TOIT Sasa I-H IN CANADA = EWGAGIING YOUTH Allo CONNECTING COMMUNITIES 3 375,000.00, [NATOWAL CANADIAN FM UAT 190. $£600,000.00 OBL CANADA150 $750,000.00, (CANADA 150 RED COUCHTOUR 158,700.00, FiMERASER 150 S__s00,000.00, HERE'S My CANADA $600,060.00 lImoSPIRE YOUTH LAUREATES CROSS CANADA TOUR $200,000.56, ses coors Le total en dollars des contributions et subventions autorisées pour le 250e anniversaire de la Confederationeritss 1 Dar province et tertire, avec une ste des projets finances lenoucer |AMOUNT APPROVED [we Ave canada = s00,000500, [rossiste earn 3 338,000.00 EDGES OF CANADA $525,000.00, iPaRTIGPACTION 150 FAY OST. ‘$= 5,800,000.00 innovation 150 ‘S__3,633,000.00 (accessaait ‘5 2,000,000.00 (esau 'S_10,800,000.00 exporei56) 519,658.00 [canada on Seen 300,000.00 [canada Mossic 7,500,000.00 paovecr ressema, 576,500.00, [THE YMCA LOCALATOTION CHALLENGE 500,000.00, [canaca 2508. fauevec. lapikon’ d'un aoton § Fauve: a Rbconcllation partes arts médatgues IMOSAICANADA 150/2037 3 s 3 3 s s s s nous sommes fers & tere Canadiens s 3,000.09] [un ocdan autre, Coast o Coast 100,000.00, Projet 'aménagement aristique Onywahtahvetah S236 427.09 Pace daccuell et leu de mémoire dela mission de Bécancour/WOlnak S__150.93809 [hlppe Aubert de Gasoé et es contemporains S 32,050.09] [rts Canada - Canada Pri $250,000.09 [Exposition itindrante Avtochtones et nnevatone $375,000.00, [postion de bronzes contest légendes des provinces et teritoies $ 49,085.00 esprit du lie :Origines et Métamorchoses § 68,000.00 Fei tte du 3750 3 575,000.00 Longueuil Charles Lemoyne CANADA 380 § 99,280.00 i50e ae te Confederation canadienne & Caietorsor ter e 7.53009 Le fin oe semaine avtocntone au Domaine Ssin-Berara S 78,350.00 [vacue 375/150 5 35,000.00 La fte cu mais; clebrons nove pays, nos couleurs S 20,900.00 Let's CELEBRATE Canada in Hampstead! 7,508.0) [Montreal West Canada 150 S 23.430 0 fs0 YEARS YOUNG 3 ___148,460.00, istorescanaciennies —_ s 77.22.09 [TAM D1 DELAM / Intistion du leune public canadian au patimoine dea chanson dici| $240,293.00 (cine Ta vile 3 77.288.9) [Memento = fea7a ry] Lest Stores $235,000.00 [reveling through His 537500009] Ikovavis 3 36;300,009.00 [we ve The Bony ROS $949,288.09 5008 Le total en dollars des contributions et subventionsautorsées pour le 150e annwversaire dele CGHBHR/AtY parprovince eterritoire, avec une ste des projets finances lenoveer [AMOUNT ApPROVED| (CanadeCD-Constto- Coane to Goat $__4800,600.6] [NEW BRUNSWICK 33 903,525.00, nowvete myenologe pour un noweau Canada $ 73,000.00 [cenade's 1500 Arnasng Paces Cation, = 29,755.09 Engaging Youth n Celebrating Canada 150 $18,080.00 The Cotile Project 5 '98,700.0) [on Gonadal A Young 1501, $270,000.00] [Eau Canada - Celebrating 150 Yours of Canadian River Hertage 330,000.00] [Grow Together: Seeds from the pas; seed forthe future s 25,350.00] [New Brunswick Natural Wonders: Connecting with New Brunswick nature s 76,600.00 [CRNADA 150 STREET CELEBRATION AND GARGOTECTURE CONTEST 'S__150,000.09] indigenous Youth and Canadians Connect with Meteperagig Heritage Park S 70,000.00 Inova scoma. $780,700.00 [ACongress of Woman malik devas ohh recounts to mani wliage € ‘noe between 19 denne 3 [Grana-Pré 2017 ~ A Peace and Unity Gathering ofthe WFrnaq and Acadian Nations | § [ae of Story 1A Canada 150 Festival of Cape Breton Stonteling = 75,500.00) [csiebrone le Canada 5 20,000.00) From Away ~ Post Secondary Fm Competition S 60,000.0] Tiss what Wish You knew “The Conversation” S 30,000.00 [ATLANTIC CANADA'S SAIUING HERITAGE AND MARINE STEWARDSHIP PROIECT $ 50,000.09] — - — Neckepor: 2017 40,000.00 [Metis Pride: Gathering of South West Nova Scotia s 30,000.09) [rara/Coichester~ Celebrating 150 Years Together Srang Proud Fee = 5,000.0) [celébrons notre ders et colectvtd s 50,000.00) [minice EDWARD KLAN 606,507.00 [APA Conode 150 Performonce ares ‘3 359,000.00 PEI Symphony Orchesta Conado 150 Celebrate Conia $333,260.09 IA canagten Journey ~ 2027 Sound and Light show. $100,000.09 ebb & Flow ~ Connecting Canactans Along the Moving RNeC s 30,000.00 Bridgerest 150- Walk For Your Heath $250,060.01 [cornavat en Promenace $100,000.00 250 Yeas In My Moccasis 5 50,000.00 Proeetions in Nation Suieing ‘S80.00050 whet Does Conado 150 Mean to You $ 18027.0 [PELBam Quik Trai s 0.000. Lardinsscolares-communavtalres $480,000.00) [oesomcstchor §_iso9,ann.0| [NEWFOUNDLAND S3,870,455.00 (sonavet Biennate 2057 Enapuntow on te Cage § 70,000.09] [myn Divas Yuka br Newfvwdlel eda 3 39,300.09] [uit 3801 “cones, youre geting on, but youre lls chia Rear = 50,000.09) 7008 Le total en dolor des contibutions et aubvention atericéa pour le 18te annivarcie da Chnfdratiny ‘par province et terrtlr, avec une liste des projets Financs paoyect | AMOUNT APPROVED| lat & Natute in Gros Morne, Newloundland & Labrador z 30,690.00 loraination 20,000.00 (lsrevie Celnbrates Canada AVear of Celebration '$__100,000.0] [our Canadian Home An interactive at instilation S 5,500.0) [forbay Canada 150 Celebration 3 38,709.00 [Comedy 150 $000,000.00 [the Great canadian le Project $100,000 09] [canads 150 Youth video Festival Celebration $ 37,555.00 sels Gcle Sings fr Canad s 37,100.00] (canada 150 Mesiac s $00.0 Denies Herbour 2037 Corre Ware Vear and Opening of 50 year Tine Capsule T987- |S 30,000.09] 2017 suring and Things Sesauiontenrial Celebrations 3300.0] [Gome Celebrate Canaga 150 with ine Town oF Ase au COU = 30320060 ITHE STORY TRAIL Celebrating 150 Years in Stary and Song 5 30,000.00 [Miawpukek @econclation- Bch Bark Canoe Project 5 30,000.00 [celebrating Canada's Cuturl Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador $ 75,000.00 (Celebrating Canada 150: Southern nut Arts Festival S U0 froraL. $_190,768,252.00, des Sewers onset ReAteasewemeon a Faia iy (anaes a, VOT [roan enna [silane Toa per [ancora Bos [Rie Gs Ppa Gi ne Oe RET RT TT — TT fsb ena ny a fessinior [ene 5-Consr oRononICURB an Bane Foon [seme Scanian Raa Soe aaa aaa feat fest or ure: VoCRocaiaaen ray ecedator re Same ome Tainan [od 2 al ae fede [ane Pad Uy Ging ie roc mn eatin — LoTR (ian ah ese rT eerie jane ur Yo Ceebtrg fore Ieceaaron lair ea ora sar RTT ARTO GS RTOS esas wont ean Sr a Pee Tension mney oo ievan nc casos Toy EDNOLIION ACT 8 NE OU ERROR TST ferelitor oonas ore ics ty ine ates a rman Sat too nen [aaa ns 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