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<title>Business Casual - Start Bootstrap Theme</title>

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<span class="site-heading-upper text-primary mb-3">A Free Bootstrap 4
Business Theme</span>
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<section class="page-section clearfix">

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<div class="intro">
<img class="intro-img img-fluid mb-3 mb-lg-0 rounded" src="img/intro.jpg"
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<h2 class="section-heading mb-4">
<span class="section-heading-upper">Fresh Coffee</span>
<span class="section-heading-lower">Worth Drinking</span>
<p class="mb-3">Every cup of our quality artisan coffee starts with
locally sourced, hand picked ingredients. Once you try it, our coffee will be a
blissful addition to your everyday morning routine - we guarantee it!
<div class="intro-button mx-auto">
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-xl" href="#">Visit Us Today!</a>

<section class="page-section cta">

<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-xl-9 mx-auto">
<div class="cta-inner text-center rounded">
<h2 class="section-heading mb-4">
<span class="section-heading-upper">Our Promise</span>
<span class="section-heading-lower">To You</span>
<p class="mb-0">When you walk into our shop to start your day, we are
dedicated to providing you with friendly service, a welcoming atmosphere, and above
all else, excellent products made with the highest quality ingredients. If you are
not satisfied, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to make things

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<p class="m-0 small">Copyright &copy; Your Website 2018</p>
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