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Vario Clamp V/V2 40 BR2

self-locking type, stepless adjustable opening angle 10°-135°

V 40 BR2 V2 40 BR2

M6/10 deep
Tolerance at
M6/10 deep

80 mm from
pivot point
to an angle
tolerance of
± 10’ to A).

Clamp arm

Without clamp arm: A00

Ordering example: *Tolerance for dowel holes ± 0.02, for threaded holes ± 0.1.
V 40 BR2 A10 T12 105° Medium: air, max. 6 bar, operation permitted with oil-free air.

V 40 BR2: Type
A10: Clamp arm version
T12: Sensing system External throttle check valves must be provided on
105°: Opening angle assembly. They are not included in the scope of delivery!

Ordering example Tünkers sensing system:

…T00 Without sensing
…T12 Inductive sensor 24 V, 1 output
with integrated LED’s

Type Holding torque Clamping moment Piston Weight

max. at 5 bar Ø ~ (kg)
V/V2 40 BR2 380 Nm 120 Nm 40 2

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