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EUROSMART The Voice of the Smart Security Industry Secure elements market forecasts 2015-2016 worldwide figures A__ secure element contains a It plays a vital role in ensuring our cerlified “microcontroller and digital security and privacy. embedded software. 2015 2016 Forecasts, millions of units Forecasts, millions of units -O--@ (4%) Ml Others" (5%) Wi Device manufactur PayIV and physical end logical access corde The market growth will In 2016, 9.8 bn secure reach 12% in 2015 elements will be shipped (+6,6% in 2016) (9.2 bn in 2015) Financial Telecoms others include Tranener = services . 2.6bn EMV cards will be shipped in 2015: 4 +26% growth between willbe shipped in 2018 2014 an i "A steadily increase in volume EMV chip cards are still the. most worlwide. used fo reach, outstanding figures technology for payments” iho This segment accounts for cords_for payment . . sos, \e, secu Tonices”loyaty services ‘ond socal Gates” wih Tis segment accounts or SM cards, Le, secure payment application ma ae rers ia +63% growth between 2014 and 2015 "This__astonishing growth confirms the continued positive Performance of this market" This segment accounts for mobile phones, tablets navigation devices and other connected devices thotinlide an embedded Secure element without SIM appiication Contactless »))) Figures 2015 Forecasts, millions of units Oo, Governement &Healthcare *% +8% growth between 2014 and 2015 “The sustained upward trend for 2015 and 2016 proves the ever- lasting efforts of the industry to offer secure and trustworthy solutions” This segment accounts for cards issued by geverpmental bockes for ciizensidentiicaion havel, ‘and healthcare decuments) and online services and cards issued by private health insurance companies Mobility and contactless transactions are key drivers for growth, thanks to their convenient and secure User experience 2016 Forecasts, millions of units Payment cards (68%) Ml] Government (15%) ll Others" (17%) Poymer 60%) “Others include Transpert. PayTV and physical and logical access cards overnment (15%) i Others" (1736) The contactlass sparks! a ea eee peo will grow by 4 21% 0 alo will be shipped (1.6 bn in 2015)

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