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------------------------------PAR CODE GUIDE Bahamut Lagoon SNES ------------------------------VERSION 1 BY IVAN FERREL 30/03/2002 IvanFerrel@hotmail.

com -------Contents -------1 Disclaimer 2 PAR Codes 3 Legal stuff 4 Thanks -----------1 Disclaimer -----------I'm not responsible for what happens if any use the codes and cause damage to your game of course if used the way describe here nothing bad happens. ----------2 PAR Codes ----------Notes: *The codes are to change the 1st item slot when you feed the Dragon. *Add 1 digit to the second slot item,and 1 more for the quantity. -Example 2 item slot: 7e3ad2 XX=Item Digit 7e3ad3 63=99 Item. -Example: 1.- Use this code to have the Ultima Sword in the 1st Slot: 7e3ad0 0a=Ultima Sword 7e3ad1 63=99 Item. -PAR ITEM codes: 7e3ad0 XX=Change digit from the table,so you can have any item in the game. 7e3ad1 63=99 Items. Digits: 00=Nothing 01=Long Sword 02=Ice Sword 03=Spark Sword 04=Flame Sword 05=Buster Sword 06=Apocalypse Sword 07=Excalibur Sword 08=Holy Sword 09=Slasher Sword 0A=Ultima Sword Description Ice Sword Thunder Sword Fire Sword Poison Sword Holy Sword Ideal Sword

0B=Battle Axe 0C=Burning Axe 0D=Cressent Axe 0E=Noble Axe 0F=Neo Axe 10=Mega Axe 11=Iron Duke Axe 12=Crusher Axe 13=Light Axe 14=Rapier 15=Siren Rapier 16=Casandra Rapier 17=M. Gorge Rapier 18=Sigloon Rapier 19=Fencer Rapier 1A=Vampire Rapier 1B=Prince Rapier 1C=Halberd 1D=Lance 1E=Execute Lance 1F=Harpoon Lance 20=Great Lance 21=Spire Lance 22=Long Lance 23=Immortal Lance 24=Staff 25=Fire Staff 26=Ice Staff 27=Thunder Staff 28=Heal Staff 29=Master Staff 2A=Assault Staff 2B=Jihad Staff 2C=Kana Staff 2D=Cutlass Katana 2E=Viper Katana 2F=Delta Katana 30=Steel Katana 31=Blitz Katana 32=Plate Armor 33=Ice Armor 34=Diamond Armor 35=Flame Armor 36=Mithril Armor 37=Blk Fire Armor 38=Stealth Armor 39=Gigaz Armor 3A=Armada Armor 3B=Chabam Armor 3C=Conqust Armor 3D=Pax Kana Armor 3E=Cotte Tm Armor 3f=Prince Armor 40=Emperor Armor 41=Leather Vest 42=Ice Vest 43=Fire Vest 44=Diamond Vest 45=Brigadin Vest 46=Slepner Vest

Fire Axe Earth Axe Holy Axe Death Axe Holy Axe Sleep Rapier Posion Rapier Death Rapier Hit 100% Hp Drained Ideal Rapier Water Lance Mortifere Lance Fire Lance Thunder Lance Holy Lance Ideal Lance Fire Staff Water Staff Thunder Staff Heal Staff

Katana Poison Katana Thunder Water Armor Thunder Armor Fire Armor Antidote Anti-Rabit/Poison ??? Anti-Disease Anti-Disease Anti-Fire/Thunder Fire Armor Thunder Armor Water Vest Fire Vest Thunder Vest Anti Rabit/poison ???

47=Battle Vest 48=Mach Vest 49=Martial Vest 4A=Ower Vest 4B=Energy Vest 4C=Silk Robe 4d=Gaia Robe 4e=Burning Robe 4f=Ninbus Robe 50=Aurora Robe 51=Thundara Robe 52=Dark Robe 53=Sage Robe 54=Royal Robe 55=Potion 56=Hi potion 57=Cure all 58=Ether 59=Hi-ether 5a=Elixir 5b=Revives 5c=Restore 5d=Remedy 5e=Remedy Special 5f=Fire herb 60=Ice-Herb 61=BoltHerb 62=Bio-Herb 63=Life-Herb 64=Gaia Herb 65=Holy Herb 66=Dark Herb 67=Diary ??? 68=Stone Book 69=Dificult 6a=Genius 6b=Tactic 6c=Indecent 6d=Porno 6e=Poem 6f=S.Wine 70=Cookie 71=Thing 72=Honey 73=Memory 74=Vodka 75=Bad mem 76=BadCooke 77=DragShit 78=A.Wine 79=B.Wine 7A=Poison 7B=Strange 7C=Uniunji 7D=Quenn??? 7E=Sergent? 7F=Letter -------------

Anti Rabit/Sleep ??? Anti Poison/death Anti-disease Absorbs attacks Earth Robe Fire Robe Water robe Thunder Robe Anti-Poi/Slp/Petr Anti-Poi/Slp/Petr Anti-Rbt/Slp/Petr ??? Restores 100 hp Restores 1000 hp 1000 hp all Restores 50 mp Restores 500 mp Hp/Mp restores Revive 1 Ally Revives All Cures 1 Ally Cures All Fire Damage Water Damage Thunder Damage Poisoned Heals Allies Earth Damage Holy Damage Shadow Damage Stone 1 Enemy Stone 1 Enemy Stone Enemies

Restores status Fire damage Restore Status Restore All Status Restore Status Restore Status Fire Damage Blesse Adv Death to Enemy Shadow Damage Fire damge Poisoned Poisoned Poisoned Shadow Damage Fortifie Ally ???? ????

3 LEGAL STUFF ------------Bahamut Lagoon is property of Square This PAR Code guide is (c) IVAN FERREL -------4 Thanks -------Gamefaqs the best site for game information Square For making Bahamut Lagoon Illusions Translation for translate the game(+-) Myself for making the PAR codes IVAN FERREL