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Technical Data Sheet

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Covasilic 15
1. Product description / Description du produit
Hydrophobic fumed silica / Silice pyrogénée hydrophobe

2. Legislation / Réglementation

Silica Dimethyl Silylate 68611-44-9 241-893-4

3. Supported chemical and physical data / Données physico-chimiques supportées

Appearance / Aspect Powder / Poudre
Odour / Odeur Odourless / Inodore
Color / Couleur White / Blanc
Specific area / Surface spécifique 130 (± 20) m2/g
Water solubility / Solubilité eau Hydrophobic / Hydrophobe
Oil solubility / Solubilité huiles Swells / Gonfle
Mineral oil / Huile minérale (3%) Transparent gel
Castor oil / Huile de ricin (8%) Transparent gel
Hydrogenated polyisobutene (6%) Transparent gel
Isononyl isononanoate (8%) Thixotropic gel
Macadamia oil / Huile de macadamia (8%) Transparent gel
Phenyl trimethicone (8%) Transparent gel
4. Cosmetic properties / Propriétés cosmétiques
ƒ Thickener for oils and polyols (TW 1315) / Epaississant des huiles et des polyols.
ƒ Suspends particles in oils (TW 1228) / Maintien les particules en suspension dans les huiles.
ƒ Suspends water droplets in a loose powder (TW 1491) / Maintien les goutelettes d’eau en suspension dans les
produits libres.
ƒOptimisation of the thickening properties with a polar solvent such as dipropylene glycol, triethyl citrate
or propylene carbonate / Optimisation des propriétés gélifiantes par l’addition de solvant polaire tel que le dipropylene
glycol, le triethyl citrate ou le propylène carbonate.
ƒIncreases gloss of castor oil / Rend l’huile de ricin plus brillante.

5. Suggested uses / Utilisations conseillées

Oils, make-up products, skin care products, hair care products, loose powders / 0,1 - 30 %
Huiles, produits de maquillage, produits de soins, produits pour les cheveux, poudres libres.

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Technical information and proposed formulations, including any production procedures are believed to be correct. However, this does
not constitute a guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained herein and confirming test in your own plant or laboratory is
recommended. While we believe materials supplied by our firm are legal in country use, we do not warrant or guarantee their legality
and highly recommend user confer with local health authorities before using.

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