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Une hirarchie de dominance est une forme d'organisation travers laquelle des indi

vidus l'intrieur d'une communaut contrlent le partage des ressources (biens et serv
ices) au sein de la communaut.
Des hirarchies de dominance adviennent dans la plupart des espces sociales du rgne
animal, y compris chez les primates qui vivent gnralement en groupe. Les individus
avec un statut hirarchique plus important tendent accaparer l'accs l'espace, la n
ourriture et aux opportunits d'accouplement. Ces individus avec un statut social
plus lev tendent avoir un plus grand succs reproductif en s'accouplant plus souvent
et en ayant plus de ressources pour investir dans la survie de sa progniture.
Ces hirarchies ne sont pas figes et dpendent d'un certain nombre de facteurs variab
les, comme l'ge, le sexe, la taille, l'intelligence, et l'agressivit. Le statut pe
ut galement tre affect par la capacit de rassembler l'appui de tiers. En effet, la nc
essit de maintenir un position sociale et une connaissance sociale pourrait avoir
eu une influence dans l'volution d'un cerveau plus volumineux chez l'tre humain.
Ainsi, on peut galement observer des hirarchies de dominance dans les socits humaine
s et celles-ci sont des phnomnes importants pour comprendre l'organisation de la f
amille, de la tribu ou du clan, etc. dans une situation normale ou anormale. Il
n'est pas clairement tabli dans quelle mesure la hirarchie de dominance chez les h
umains est attribuable la biologie intrinsque de notre cerveau, issue de l'volutio
n, ou due des facteurs culturels.

5 tips for being dominant

What's a dominant man? He's someone who is ambitious. Not a thinker, but a DOer.
Dominant males are those that are comfortable in their own skin and confident w
ith who they are. In most cases, these are people who score executive level posi
tions; those with deeper-pockets; those with a higher chance with securing succe
ss in all facets of life.
Dominant men exude power, and you should by now, women are easily attracted to t
hose with power. While most men aim for women with looks, women need a guy who i
s reliable, independent, and strong-minded. Women are looking for leaders.
In every women is a deeply rooted instinct that prompts them to gravitate toward
s such dominant males. They simply cannot suppress this inner urge. It's part of
their survival.
If you learn how to project the most subtle gestures, voice, or attitude of a do
minant male, women will instantly be attracted to you subconsciously.
Some examples of dominant men are those in the face of media. Jay Z, P.Diddy, Ka
nye West all fall into the category of dominant men. Nice guys? They're far from
that. Go on Youtube and study their personality and behavior. The way in which
they speak or rap in their music all reflects dominance. There's never shakiness
or hints of uneasiness in their voice, neither have they ever lost sight of the
ir life direction.
So, what are some dominant male traits that you should now acquire and affix in
your arsenal?
1. Never be submissive. Never be weak. Never seek approval from others on how th
ey should behave in a social situation.
2. Never shy away from conversations or meeting with new people

3. Never pay much mind to what others think of you. Take control of YOUR reality
. Be your own authority.
4. When in a group of men and women, dominant males know that it's "Them" who th
e girls want to sleep with. This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
5. Your life is what you make of it. The future is yours.
Guys, being a dominant male, is all about your attitude and projecting the image
that you are fun to be with, that you are in control, and not a nice wimpish gu
Here's a great example of a non-dominant male. Peep the dialogue.
She says: So, what should we do tonight? He says: I don't know. Anything is good
. What are you in the mood for? She says: Not sure myself, you can pick. He says
: I still don't know, argh. She says: (frustrated) OK. I'll plan. How about the
movies? He says: Ah, there's nothing that catches my attention right now. How ab
out stay in for the night?
A dominant male would have never be uncertain of what to do with women. They alw
ays have something planned. Something exciting. They will take a woman by hand t
he hand and lead her into a state of wonderment.
Hot Tip: The more you believe you are a dominant male, the more likely you'll be
come one. Remember the power of belief is that incredible. Let it perpetuate. Wh
en women instinctively register your role as a dominant male, she will surrender
to your presence, regardless of how high their heads are up in the air.
Soon, you'll realize that the more dominant you become, the higher your mating a
dvantages will be.
Don't just be a man, BE the man.
4 Unverisal Seducer Traits
The more research and study I conduct into the area of seduction the more fascin
ated I am with the rapid changes in styles that are required depending on the se
ducers age. The rules for seduction are different in a lot of ways for those in
high school, college, and post college.
Yet even while these different stages of in life require different methods, ther
e are common traits that PUA's need to have in my opinion to be effective in all
of them.
1) Physical Shape
Current trends in modern industrialized society are leading to a population that
ever more sedentary, obese, and unhealthy. Maintaining ones physical shape prov
ides numerous benefits and demonstrates an ability to go against the grain of mo
dern societies unhealthy trends. It teaches self-discipline and control, both of
those are an absolute must these days.
I know there is a strain of thought in the community that suggest looks aren't t
he end all and be all of seduction. That is true to a point, but a man whose wil
ling to take care of his body and treat it with the proper respect will always h
ave an advantage over those who don't.
Excuses are irrelevant, the only thing that matters is results.

2) Ambition
Not a commonly thought of trait, but I also believe a very basic one that PUA's
need to cultivate. When you have ambition, you are willing to take risks to achi
eve a goal and are putting your combined mental, physical, and spiritual strengt
h against some form of task.
It teaches you to fail, but it also teaches you that through failure you gain ex
perience and the ability to move on.
Mental strength is just as important to a seducer as physical strength.
3) Emotional Control
In a society that seems to have embraced the idea of unbridled emotion as the no
rm, those with the ability to control themselves will always have the advantage.
Women by their nature are emotional creatures, it's how their brains are hardwir
ed and how the majority of them live their life. The constant highs and lows nee
d a counter balance. A man should always be calm and steady, he should be able t
o provide emotional comfort without having to seek his own.
This doesn't mean you should try to suppress your emotions like Spock, humans ar
en't Vulcans. Still it's important that while you allow yourself to feel, you le
arn to how channel the useful emotions and contain the worse ones.
In my opinion the two worst emotions for a man are.
Lust and Jealousy
A beautiful women can overwhelm the senses, and make a fool out of a man. Empire
s have fallen and wars have been started because some guy let their rationality
be overwhelmed by a pretty face.
In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful on this earth then a truly good lo
oking women, and I'm painfully aware of the effects it can have on guys. As I'm
sure we all are.
Women know this to.
For a thousand years they learned to use this to help gain power in a male domin
ated world. It's important to learn how control your lust, and not let it drown
out mans greatest gifts.
Logic and Rationality.
Jealousy on the other hand comes from a low self-esteem and ego, the idea that y
our not getting something you feel entitled to. This is a sign of weakness and n
eeds to be ruthlessly suppressed.
4) Will to Action
What you say?
The ability to take action is the crux of seduction, anyone can sprout theory fr
om behind a keyboard. You can read a thousand seduction texts, etc but if your n
ot willing to take action on that, then what's the point? This same thing can be
easily applied to other areas of your life.
Theory is easy, and so are boasts, promises, and declarations of change.

Taking physical action to modify your situation is harder, it requires a force o

f will and that is sometimes lacking. Without the will to action, then nothing w
ill ever get done.