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Curriculum Area Class Context (topic/content) Achievement Objectives

Specific Learning Outcomes

Achievement/Success Criteria (how will your students know when they have learned this)

French Year 13 Environmental issues Lenvironnement (lesson sequence) Aux Arbres Citoyens Yannick Noah Respond to selected and adapted texts (e.g. from literature, film, newspapers, television, video, radio) from French speaking cultures develop a point of view, with reasons (8.2) recount a series of events to entertain (8.3) give advice (7.2) communicate about problems & solutions (6.2) describe, compare, and contrast people, places and things (5.4) communicate about physical characteristics, personality (2.5) communicate about personal information such as name, age, nationality and home (1.4) communicate about obligations and responsibilities (4.3) L understand a video clip visuals; sound L reconstitute song text L select speakers and places S answer video clip worksheet questions R understand texts reconstitute sentences W write captions for placards W a paragraph describing someone W write an essay about a famous French person Yannick Noah la fonte des glaces/la disparition des animaux/la pollution atmosphrique/le manque deau/la dforestation/leffet de serre/la dsertification le ciment, une rafale, prendre leau, faire les beaux, un squatteur, phmre, une baffe, ce nest pas demain la veille, les roseaux donner son avis dcrire une personne (rvision) reprer les lieux (rvision)

Key Language

dire quelquun de ne pas faire quelque chose exprimer la ncessit donner des apprciations positives et ngatives montrer son enthousiasme/sa passion Resources Powerpoints Patsy Energy, Problems,Air, Transport, vous dagir Quiz download Le Petit Livre Vert www.defipourlaterre.org La Marseillaise clip from YouTube, words from www.paroles.net Aux Arbres Citoyen song by Yannick Noah downloaded from YouTube Words and CD (Piste 9) ICI Mthode de Franais CLE International 2007 ISBN 9782090353068 Aux Arbres Citoyens booklet of work by Patsy Hall - methodology from course by Claire Alsruhe, CLA, Besanon - Bote Outils material from Franais Guide Pratique de la Communication A.Chamberlain, R.Steele Didier 1991 ISBN 2-278-04966-6

Franais Conversations pratiques de loral C.Martins, J-J.Mabilat Didier 2003 ISBN 2-278-05358-2
Comment Procder & Pour vous Auto-valuer Atelier FLE Production crite Niveaux B1/B2 D.Dupleix, B.Mgre Didier 2007 ISBN 978-2-278-05826-6


Introduction -

What are we learning, what we will need to know, what should we be able to do at the end of it this, quiz, Marseillaise, powerpoints already done

Comments: Communicative methodologies? Learning Styles? Interaction? Co-operative learning strategies?

1. Brainstorm Activity 1 prior to listening (I) 2.Watch Aux Arbres Citoyens videoclip without sound twice (Whole Class) 3.Activities 2,3 and 4 to locate places (I) 4.Discussion about vocabulary and reactivation of vocabulary Activity 5 (I and WC) 5.Watch video with sound and complete Activity 6 to understand what is involved, 7 on places (WC/I) 6.Watch video again with sound and complete Activity 8 linking sentence parts (WC/I) 7.Listen to sound and do activity 9 using envelope of pre-cut song lyrics reconstitute (WC/I) 8.Class words/categories (I) 9.Write placards (I/shareWC) 10. Write paragraph hypothesis then find photo and compare (P) 11. Research Yannick Noah and write essay (W) IRDP Jim Madden - in powerpoints Mthodologie de la Comprhension Orale Claire Alsruhe Trying to ensure that learners develop a .repertoire of formulaic expressions... (Principle 1) focus predominantly on meaning (2) -focus on creating meaning for an authentic purpose develop implicit knowledge (4) I am trying to - use lots of target language (6) also involve Julie, exchange student from France as much as possible - provide opportunities for output (7) (probably pushed) - provide opportunities to interact (8) (I am not good at group work) - take account of individual differences in learners (9)
Instructed Second Language Acquisition A Literature Review Report to the Ministry of Education Auckland UniServices Limited Professor R.Ellis Published by the Research Division MO E 2005