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Distinctive French wines of character with fruit and balance

Passionate vine growers respectful of nature and talented

Great terroirs and soils

May 2006
p1 Jean-Pierre Lalouelle p 12 Domaine Bellegarde
Champagne Jurançon Moëlleux

p2 Château Bessan p 13 Château de Saurs

Bordeaux, Gaillac
Bordeaux Supérieur
p3 Château Milon p 14 Xavier Vignon
Bordeaux Blanc Vin de Pays d’Oc
Bordeaux Supérieur

p4 Oscar Wines p 15 Château Mourviels

Lussac Saint-Emilion, Cabardès
Puisseguin Saint Emilion Vin de Pays dOc
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

p5 Château Périn de Naudine p 16 Domaine de Salente

Graves Blanc, Graves Rouge Vin de Pays d’Oc
p6 Arnaud Schuster de Ballwill p 17 Maurel-Vedeau
Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur Vin de Pays d’Oc
Entre-Deux-Mers, Minervois
Crémant de Bordeaux
p7 Dominique Leymarie p 18 Château Saint-Roch
Bordeaux Supérieur Vin de Pays d’Oc
Fronsac, Pomerol Limoux
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

p8 Philippe Giraud p 19 Domaine de la Serre

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes
Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Maury
p9 Château La Fleur Carrère p 20 Maison Duqay
Montagne-Saint-Emilion Vin de Pays d’Oc
p 10 Château Montdoyen p 21 Domaine du Clos d’Alari
Bergerac Blanc Sec, Bergerac Rouge Vin de Pays du Var
Monbazillac Côtes de Provence Rouge, Rosé
p 11 Pierre Lafon p 22 Xavier Vignon
Cahors, Vin de Pays du Lot Rouge Côtes du Ventoux, Côtes du Lubéron
Vin de Pays du Lot Rosé Côtes du Rhône Blanc, Rouge
Châteauneuf du Pape Blanc, Rouge

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Jean-Pierre Lalouelle
This beautiful 6 hectares family estate planted in 1879 is situated on the slopes of
Côte d’Epernay and comprises 70% of Pinot Meunier and 30% of Chardonnay.
The Pinot Meunier varietal brings a fruity style to a champagne blend and gives it
charm and easy-to-drink qualities.
The addition of Chardonnay gives it finesse, elegance, as well as aging capacity.
Jean-Pierre Lalouelle has been taking over the family estate since 1979 and pays
special attention to preserving the natural fruity style of his elegant champagne.
He usually blends two vintages to produce his champagne. This one is a blend of
2002 and 2003.

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Style and description
LAL-01 Champagne Champagne Jean-Pierre Lalouelle White NV
This is an elegant Champagne, with a dense yellow colour, beautiful sparkling
and generous fine bubbles.
Refreshing and fruity Nose of white flowers and yellow fruit (peach)
Very fruity mouth, clean and long

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Château Milon
Once property of Gustave Eiffel family, Château Milon is a 26 acres estate located half way
between Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, now belonging to Gérald de la Debutrie, a former engineer,
who took over the management from his parents in 2003, with a clear will to producing an
excellent and authentic natural wine.
If you look at the vine ranks you’ll notice wide white patches on the ground which are gravely and
chalky reappearances. Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc , malbec and carménère
compose red vine varieties; Semillon, muscadelle and a few plants of sauvignon compose the
white ones.
- Organic way of working
- Temperature controlled wine-making
- Aging in French oak barrels for 8-10 months

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Style and description
AOC Bordeaux Les Griottes de Château Milon Red 2004
MIL-01 Supérieur Merlot(85%), Cabernet sauvignon/franc(13%) and Malbec(2%)
Second wine of Château Milon, this wine develops powerful and
Elegant medium-light aerial red fruit aromas with flower notes, rounded with Morello cherry
wine (Griottes in French) and grape fruit attack, final tie on spicy
candied fruit,
Delicate taste and light tannins.
MIL-02 AOC Bordeaux Château Milon Red 2004
Supérieur Cabernet sauvignon/franc (45%), Merlot (50%), Malbec (5%)
Beautiful ruby red colour with violin reflection
Complex medium- Aerial red candied fruit aromas on the nose with complexity
bodied wine Round mouth with silky tannins and red berry fruit notes, toasted
bread, long finale with liquorice and spicy flavours.
MIL-03 AOC Bordeaux Château Milon White 2004
Blanc Muscadelle(50%), Sémillon (45%), Sauvignon (5%)
Pale yellow colour
Elegant medium-light Expressive nose of grapefruit, flower, butter and nuts aromas,
wine Very round mouth, sharp and fluid with exotic notes of citrus and

passion fruits, rather long finale on hazelnut.

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Oscar Wines
Wines have been produced in Saint-Emilion since the Romans.
Château Branda was founded in the 18th century as part of the Faize Abbaye. The present
owners, Arnaud Delaire and Nicolas Baptiste, bought the estate in 1998 and since that date
have always been growing the best wines of the appellations (Puisseguin and Lussac Saint
In 2001, their passion pushed them to invest in the prestigious neighbourhood : Château Pas
de l’Ane and Château Haut Saint Brice, two Saint Emilion Grand Cru, were born to offer the
ultimate pleasure of the right bank area
Puisseguin / Lussac Saint-

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

Style and description

AOC Lussac Vieux Château Chambeau Red 2002
OSC-08 Saint-Emilion Garnet red colour
Red and black fruit on the nose with a hint of vanilla and nougatine
Elegant medium- Silky mouth, ripe tannins, caramel and licorice
bodied wine Silver Medal at Concours Mondialde Bruxellels 2004

OSC-07 AOC Puisseguin Château Branda Red 2003

Saint-Emilion Dark red colour
Expressive nose of black fruit
Complex medium- Beautiful and opulent mouth, very well balanced, with dense yet
bodied wine elegant tannin structure
OSC-06 AOC Saint-Emilion Château Haut Saint-Brice Red 2002
Grand Cru Good red colour
Very well balanced and nose of wood and undergrowth
Easy-access medium- The mouth is very well balanced too with a good sharpness and a
bodied wine luscious ripe fruit
OSC-05 AOC Saint-Emilion Château Pas de l’Âne Red 2002
Grand Cru A solid red, with berry, tobacco and hints of coffee. Medium-bodied,
with fine tannins and a medium finish. Velvety and well balanced,
Complex medium- very clean.
bodied wine Wine Spectator 85-88 points

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Château Périn de Naudine
The Graves region is the oldest wine region in Bordeaux, named after his terroir a soil rich in gravels
and pebbles allowing a reflection of suns rays and constituting a good filter: this is an efficient heat
retainer and it favours the ripening of the grapes. The Château Perin de Naudine is in fact a beautiful
"chartreuse" (mansion) from the 17th century traditionally built in one level slightly over the soil with a
half buried cellar underneath.
This 12 hectares estate benefits from the diversity of clay-limestone soil in Castres Gironde and the
gravel soil of Portets.. The vines are aged 28 years in average.
Olivier Colas practices a traditional work of the soil, control of the yield, and hand harvesting.
He built in 1996 a new 1100 hl new temperature-controlled vathouse, with air-pressured wine press
and a sorting table.

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Style and description
AOC Graves Blanc Château Périn de Naudine White 2003
PER-01 50% Semillon blanc, 50% Sauvignon blanc
Fine full-bodied bouquet
Elegant medium- Excellent balance between the highly unctuous fruity Semillon and
bodied dry white wine the freshness of Sauvignon, enhanced by light wooden notes.

PER-02 AOC Graves Château Périn de Naudine Red 2002

Rouge 70% merlot - 15% cabernet sauvignon - 15% cabernet franc
Dark red colour
Complex medium- 1 star Guide Hachette 2003
bodied wine

PER-03 AOC Graves Les Sphinx de Naudine Red 2003

Rouge The second wine, produced from young vines and press wines not
retained for the first red wine, is matured in the oak barrels already
Elegant medium- used for the first wine or in American oak barrels bringing an
bodied wine interesting vanilla aroma.

Good red colour, interesting elegant nose, delicate mouth with

excellent balance.

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Arnaud Schuster de Ballwil
Six centuries of winemaking tradition have been preserved and adapted to modern
techniques (hese noble vines have been planted since 1473)
The cellars of Montlau were built in the XVIIIth century; the old pumps and presses are
still used and are living witness to a period that made Bordeaux renowned for its great
wines and terroirs.

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Style and description
Bordeaux - Bordeaux Supérieur
Entre-Deux-Mers – Crémant de

AOC Entre-Deux- Château Montlau White 2005

LEY-01 Mers 35% Sémillon, 30% Sauvignon, 35 %Muscadelle
A rare pleasure to complement fish and sea-food, or as an aperitif.
Elegant medium-
bodied dry white wine

LEY-02 AOC Bordeaux Château Fontblanche Red 2004

80 %Merlot, 18%Cabernet Franc, 2 % Malbec
Complex medium- The hallmark of Montlau for this property between the hills and the
bodied wine banks of the Dordogne. Great fat fruity wine.

(Vintage 2005 also available ref LEY-03)

LEY-04 AOC Bordeaux Château Côtes de Monleau Red 2004
Supérieur 100% Merlot
The second wine, carefully selected Merlot, young and supple.
Elegant medium-
bodied wine

LEY-05 AOC Bordeaux Château Montlau Red 2002

Supérieur 80 % Merlot, 20 % Cabernet Franc.
The renowned wine of the property.
Elegant medium- 1 star Guide Hachette 2005
bodied wine (Vintage 2003 also available ref LEY-06)
LEY-17 AOC Bordeaux Château Montlau « Hors Série » Red 2000
Supérieur 80 % Merlot, 20 % Cabernet Franc
The jewel of Montlau highlights the vineyard since 1473
Elegant complex full- Decanter world wine awards 2004
bodied wine

LEY-18 AOC Crémant de Favory White NV

Bordeaux 60% Semillon, 40 % Muscadelle sparkling
Exuberant sparkling wine with vivacity, fruity aromas, and distinctive
Sparkling dry white style

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Dominique Leymarie
Dominique Leymarie, whose family has been in the wine business for over a century not only in Bordeaux but
also in Burgundy, produces under Michel Rolland’s team supervision wines that are recognized as respectful for
their terroirs, combining decades of family tradition to the most modern winemaking techniques for a result
dedicated to the creation of compromiseless quality products.
Chateau Robert is the first estate run by Dominique Leymarie (since 1982), i.e. almost 25 years to set up – often
as a precursor - the vinegrowing techniques that raise the quality requirements for the harvested grapes and
made the reputation of our estates: short pruning, strict disbudding, two wave green harvest (June and August),
hand picking in racks with a double selection of the berries. Chateau Robert's vineyard is fully ploughed and
thus, no chemical herbicide is used.

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Saint-Emilion Pomerol Fronsac

Style and description


LEY-07 AOC Fronsac Château Les Tonnelles Red 2003

This dark purple-coloured Fronsac offers an elegant, sweet, black
Elegant medium- fruit, liquid stone, and mineral-scented bouquet. There is superb ripe
bodied wine fruit on the attack, and the medium-weight, refined finish reveals quite
low acidity. Beautiful harmony, purity, and ripe mid-palate…
LEY-09 AOC Pomerol Château Robert Red 2002
LEY-10 Second wine of Château Tour Robert, this is an excellent wine
Complex medium- representative of the Pomerol appellation: a classy, deep scented and
bodied wine intensely flavoured wine, cherry appeal with a structured finish
AOC Pomerol Château Robert Red 2003
The dark ruby-colored 2003 Chateau Robert possesses superb fruit
Complex medium- in the nose along with a big, sweet candied black cherry attack
bodied wine revealing notions of smoke, liquorice, and herbs. This luscious,
medium-bodied wine provides a totally hedonistic turn-on.
LEY-16 AOC Bordeaux Château Tour Robert Red 2003
Supérieur The 100% Merlot 2003 Chateau Tour Robert smells like a chocolate
fudge sundae with notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, blackberries,
Complex full-bodied and sweet cherry jam. It has a great depth and plenty of flesh as well
wine as some heavy duty tannins…
LEY-11 AOC Saint-Emilion Château Bellerose-Figeac Red 1999
Grand Cru This superb wine presents smoky, coffee, prune, blackberry, and
cherry jam-scented perfume. In the mouth remains a blast of high
High class full-bodied quality fruit and plenty of toasty oak that only begins to melt…
AOC Saint-Emilion Château Bellerose-Figeac * Red 2001
Grand Cru The expression of the 2001 vintage brings here a wine of great
maturity, yet having potential for ageing another five years.
High class full-bodied Fruit, toasted bread, spices with a great balance

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Philippe Giraud
Originated from the Corbin Estate, which used to belong to a son of King Edward
III of England, Château Grand Corbin is situated at the crossroads between the
highly reputed vineyards of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.
Mainly planted with Merlot (2/3) and Cabernet Franc (1/3) on silica soils, Château
Grand Corbin produces wines rich in fruit and in colour.
Philippe Giraud, originated from the North of France, has been in charge of the
estate since 1982.

Réf N° Label Appellation Product name Colour Vintage

Saint-Emilion Grand Cu

Style and description

LEY-13 AOC Saint-Emilion Château Grand Corbin Red 2001
LEY-14 Grand Cru Beautiful ruby-garnet red colour
LEY-15 Intense rich nose of cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, with spicy notes
(ginger, laurel) nicely smoked with delicate wood
Elegant and complex Mouth: good start with voluminous body; ripe melted tannins, red fruit,
medium-bodied wine then seductive leather notes.
Radiant final, with vanilla notes.
AOC Saint-Emilion Château Grand Corbin Red 2002
Grand Cru Deep dense garnet red colour.
Intense nose dominated by red fruit. Freshness and good wooden
notes with ints of toasted bread and spices.
Elegant and complex Mouth: great aromatic start; fresh and complex aromas. Dense tannic
full-bodied wine structure with quality flavoursome velvety tannins, representative of
very ripe grapes. Good length
AOC Saint-Emilion Château Grand Corbin Red 2003
Grand Cru Intense vivacious ruby colour
Intense elegant nose, ripe fruit and pepper notes with a good wooden
Elegant and complex Mouth: obvious good start full of aromas, good plump tannic structure.
medium-bodied wine Neat final with notes of sloe and flint. Very well balanced

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